Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sitting at the doctors office

Been working a establishing a new whole integrated life lately and today's new blog is the first step to recording all of that .
I have been doing all kinds of things lately that are a combination of the old and the new...trying to find the places where the whole of me can interact and be happy.
I have picked up with my writing had gone dormant for awhile as I worked out other issues but I am back at it now.
Prayer has become a large part of my life again....and prayer for an increase of the Holy Spirit for mayself and others who need this great blessing is like a revelation to me....I kind of feel like an idiot that I hadn't found this powerful method of prayer before. I think i was ordering the spirit around like a cosmic servant and that is the most laughable waste of time. I mean if I were the holy Spirit I would be offended and not likely to comply. It tantamount to